Safe Dent distributor of dental disposables

SAFE-DENT ENTERPRISES is a leading distributor of dental disposables and supplies in the United States

Our mission is to deliver premium quality products, dental disposables and supplies to dental distributors. Backed with a 100% quality guaranty and offering friendly professional service, and prompt deliveries, SAFE-DENT is a brand to trust!

We welcome the opportunity to be your source for premium dental products!

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Safe Dent dental products are loved by our dentists! Our pallet orders are shipped quickly and they always reply to our emails and phone calls. No wonder we are with them for the last 7 years. We are a satisfied customer!

Y.T. in New Jersey

I’ve never written a testimonial before, where to start? First of all I love working with Safe Dent. They always answer any product questions clearly and fill our orders efficiently. Our dentists really like the saliva ejectors and the pouches. But then, they really like everything! So we are very happy. Florida

Premium products at excellent prices. What can be better? I enjoy our collaboration, our dentists rely on us to give good dental supplies and with Safe Dent we can do that. We are very happy.

B. W. in Brooklyn

We have tried other dental supplies and are most happy with Safe Dent premium disposables. Dentists like and support the product, we get no complaints. That means a lot to us. Great friendly service. Very good experience for the last 5 years.

M.L. in Canada

Thank you to our loyal customers

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