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HI Volume Evacuator Tips

Combination Vented and Unvented.
Sturdy and smooth white plastic. Disposable.

Double ended tip, may be Non-Vented by inserting the end with the hole into the HVE valve, and Vented by inserting the end with no hole into the HVE valve. Fits into a standard HVE valve.

Steam Autoclavable for sterility as follows:

There are 2 choices for the process

132℃ for 2 minutes Or 125℃ for 10 minutes

It can be autoclavable, but it is still disposable and single use only.


High Volume Evacuator Tips - White

ITEM # A9015
SIZE:   One Size
PACK: 100 pcs bag/10 bags case = 1000
Vented/Unvented Combo (9lb)

HI Volume Evacuator Tips

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