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Sterilization Pouches

Sterilization Pouches

Rapid Reorder with Color Coding

No need to memorize the sizes, pouches and boxes are color coded, it's so easy to reorder at a glance!

Dual Indicators: Internal and External. This will facilitate confirming all 3 parameters of sterilization: time, temperature and presence of steam.

  • Chemi-Vapor or Steam autoclave,and Ethylene Oxide sterilization
  • Made of strong, medical grade sterilization paper
  • Built in large color changing indicators
  • Wide Self Sealing adhesive tape
  • Perforated Fold helps form an airtight seal for storage
  • Easy Opening thumb notch on every pouch
  • Secure seal for protection on possible tearing of sharp instruments
  • See through tinted plastic for strong puncture resistance and easy view of instruments
  • Sealed corners help prevent curling and collection of any contaminates.

Pouch A (RED) 3.5" X 10"

ITEM # STP-7001A

PACK: 200 pouches per box / 20 boxes per case (28lb)

stp 7001A


Pouch B (GREEN) 2.25" X 4"

ITEM # STP-7002B

PACK: 200 pouches per box / 40 boxes per case (18lb)

stp 7002B


Pouch C (PINK) 2.75" x 10"

ITEM # STP-7003C

PACK: 200 pouches per box / 20 boxes per case (21lb)

stp 7003C


Pouch D (ORANGE) 3.5" X 5.25"

ITEM # STP-7004D

PACK: 200 pouches per box / 30 boxes per case (27lb)

stp 7004D


Pouch E (PURPLE) 5.25" X 11"

ITEM # STP-7005E

PACK: 200 pouches per box / 15 boxes per case (33lb)

stp 7005E


Pouch F (GREY) 7.5" X 13"

ITEM # STP-7006F

PACK: 200 pouches per box / 10 boxes per case (39lb)

stp 7006F


Pouch G (BLACK) 2.25" X 2.75"

ITEM # STP-7007G

PACK: 200 pouches per box / 40 boxes per case


Pouch H 4.25" X 12"

ITEM # STP-7008H

PACK: 200 pouches per box / 12 boxes per case


NOTE: For successful sterilzation of instruments and material it is critical to follow the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) guidelines. Items must be exposed to all 3 parameters of sterilization: time, temperature and presence of steam, to ensure effective sterilization.

Common Problems:

  1. Improper packing of pouch
  2. Overloading sterilization machine
  3. No separation between packages
  4. Improper cleaning of instruments
  5. Improper timing and temperature
  6. Knowledge of correct operation of the sterilizer
  7. Improper sealing of the pouch.

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Instructions for use

The sterilization pouches should only be filled 3/4 of the packing volume to allow proper air evacuation and sterilant penetration. Carefully press the excess air out of the pouch and ensure there is at least one (1) inch of area available around all four (4) sides of the enclosed items.

Can you reuse sterilization pouches?

Sterilization pouches are single-use disposable devices and should not be reused. Any defects, tears, or damage also means the pouch should be discarded and not used for sterilization. Place pouches paper down and/or on a stand with no 2 plastic surfaces touching each other.

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