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Cotton Tipped Applicators

Non-Sterile, Wood Shaft, 3" and 6", cotton tipped. 
Packed 100 pcs in autoclave bag.

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Dental Cotton Rolls

Smooth extra absorbent cotton. Flexible for easy placement.

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2" x 2" 4-Ply Non Woven Sponge

Absorbent, Pure White, 4 ply, 32 gram rayon/polyester blend.
Maximum absorbency non-linting , non sterile. 
Very little adhesion to wounds, strong, soft and smooth feeling.

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4" x 4" 4-Ply Non Woven Sponge

Non Sterile, Absorbent, Non Linting, Strong and Soft

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2" x 2" Cotton Filled Gauze

Non Sterile, Cotton Filled Gauze, 8 ply Maximum absorbency non-linting, non sterile. Very little adhesion to wounds, strong, soft.

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